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Six luxe lighting combos we love

One of the most common interior styling ‘mistakes’ we see is in the bright-eyed world of lighting.

From over doing the downlights to relying upon overhead lighting to do all the heavy lifting (forgetting our fabulous friends, floor and table lamps), there’s as much to think about form and function-wise when choosing lights as there is choosing…well, everything else.

Lighting is all about layering after all, which means it shouldn’t all come from one source (like overhead). The most welcoming lighting schemes include lighting from overhead, from below and from around eye-level.

And the way we talk about it is in terms of ambient, accent and task lighting. But it’s actually simpler than it sounds.

Ambient light is the main lighting source, which can come from an overhead fixture, a sizeable table lamp, or a bold blend of both. Task lighting, such as spotlights, is useful to help with certain activities, such as a spotlight for reading, or reading piano music. Accent lighting is the icing on top, whether in the form of additional table or floor lamps, wall scones or sculptural lights which are there, well, mostly just for show…you know.

Either way, lighting schemes that work combine a range of different sources and while some might match for a cohesive, pulled-together look, often the most effective combos are those you mightn’t expect.

Below we’ve thrown together a few power couples for you to peruse…pairing from left to right…just to get the ideas flowing:




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