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While here at Matt Blatt we’re largely all about colour – and the more the better – today we’re paring things back in honour of winter whites (and because, let’s admit it, we like to keep you on your toes).

Famed for its ability to make a space seem more spacious, white is bright, fresh and modern and an ideal contrast for warm timber tones, whether in other pieces of furniture or on the floor.

The wonderful world wide web is packed with white-on-white inspo to get you going…


A fresh furniture shade

We’ve curated some of our favourite wintry white pieces for your browsing (and buying) pleasure, but there’s plenty more online and in-store – with white delights and colours galore.



Whimsical accessories

There’s no shortage of white accessories about, but the key to pulling off the white-on-white look without needing to pull on your sunnies is to mix it up, both in terms of using different shades of white and featuring a few distinctive materials and textures so the end result steers clear of sterile. Here’s a couple of popular picks….





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