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Travel-inspired style – globe-trotting good looks to recreate holiday hedonism back home

There’s nothing like feeling like extending that vacation vibe… go beyond snow globes and souvenir mugs and make travel-inspired style not just a memory of your holiday, but a part of your every day. While trawling local markets for mementoes while travelling is a must-do for most of us – and often a source of much-loved home accessories – bringing stools, chairs, sofas and more back via the oversized baggage desk is somewhat less enjoyable.

With a growing stable of global designers’ pieces now readily available in Australia, it’s increasingly easy to recreate your international inspo back home. From magical Mexican mojo to vintage Americana, Hamptons chic to Parisian salon style, you can either dive right in and deck out your entire pad a la your fave holiday hotspot, or pick a few key pieces for a subtle take on travel-inspired style.

Steal salvaged style

Steal salvaged style and revive retro at yours with the new travel-inspired collection from United Strangers – exclusive to Matt Blatt. Crafted from innovative materials including recycled 50-year-old US army tents from the Carolinas, reclaimed South American underwater logs, distressed metal, luxe vintage leather and bold brass, ensuring each piece not only looks good, it tells a feel-good story too. You can’t go wrong with a laidback leather sling chair, modish military stool and Americana art around the place now can you?

Magical Mexicana

From fabulous Frida to artisan textiles, layers of colour to accessories to treasure, there’s something irrepressible about the Mexican spirit. From historical ruins to hot tamales, sangria to the seaside, rugged deserts to remarkable culture, who wouldn’t want to bring some south-of-the-border style home?

 Parisian chic

Reminiscent of opulent drawing rooms from eras past, Parisian salon style is making a comeback in chi-chi apartments and grand residences everywhere. Add an air of elegance at yours with elements of plush velvet, glam gold and rich leather for a timeless look that’s always in style…