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The Style File – with reno gurus Jesse & Mel from The Block

While they may not have won their season of The Block, Jesse and Mel certainly won a few style fans during their epic reno – us included.

Describing their style as ‘modern contemporary’, the pair are fans of creating eye-catching open spaces, and using soft furnishings and accessories to warm up their more streamlined, urban style.

“Rugged materials, bold lighting, shapely furniture and curated colour help create rooms which are dramatic, current…and liveable”

Mel says Jesse’s work in real estate is ‘a constant source of inspiration’ for the pair. “Jess has a file of more than 4000 photos saved, and wee put our top 200 into a scrapbook before we started our journey on The Block.

“One of the biggest lessons we learned on The Block was to decide what you want BEFORE you start – from the overall style and fixtures to the individual furniture pieces.

“It’s a good idea to browse furniture sites online before you head in-store so you can target your buying – and save time.”

Mel says her wishlist for the couple’s next home – they’re on the lookout for a great building block this year – includes “timber floors, joinery, ceiling-height doors, a dedicated study, a gas fireplace and hydronic heating”, describing these as ‘all the things we couldn’t afford on The Block!’

Long-time fans of Matt Blatt, Mel and Jesse say they love visiting our showrooms for the ‘huge variety, bold colour palette and surprising pieces which add personality to any space’.

“Our cat hasn’t exactly fallen in love with this bulldog we picked up when we visited Matt Blatt in Fitzroy…but we have. We’re still trying to get them together for a sibling snap…you might need to wish us luck with that!!!”

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