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The de-LIGHT-ful down-low – how to transform a room with pendant lights

Lamps may be lovely and downlights are always in demand, but if you’re after something that makes more of a statement – you’re in good company. Bold and dramatic, dim and moody, contemporary or quirky, pendant lights are our pick for lighting up the night right now, and we’re loving their ability to transform an entire room.

The pros

Where do we start? Pendant lights up the style ante, kill off clutter on the nightstand, add drama to the dinner table,  come in a virtually limitless range of sizes, styles and prices and deliver the ideal mix of function and flair. Tick.

How low can you go?

This is key in nailing the look, and the solution lies in matching height with function. For instance, for intimate dining table lighting, have the lowest point of the pendant between 76 and 86 centimetres above the tabletop. Sure you might see lower looks in magazines or online but remember, you don’t just have to look at it, you have to live with it (and read by it), so take our word for it and don’t go too low.

Size matters

…especially in the bedroom. If your ceilings are super high or your room enjoys grand proportions, use a sizeable pendant to fill the space. If you’re short on height, use a long, narrow pendant to elongate the area. Whatever the design flaw or feature you’d like to conceal – or reveal – mention it to your lighting retailer for expert advice on tackling your concerns through cleverly chosen, and positioned, lights.


Colour your world

If you’re a little wary of out-there colour schemes, your lighting provides a safe but sassy option to inject your colour crush without taking over the room. A dark and moody room with a pair of metallic or golden pendants adds an air of sophistication and drama, while adding a citrus-coloured light to a gentle blue scheme will elevate the look in an instant.


Dining room de-light

We pay plenty of attention to choosing a dining table, and a crockery set to pop on top, but we should also give some thought to how it’s lit. Adding a striking pendant light above the table can have as much impact as re-doing the entire room – at a fraction of the cost. Old-school interior design theory says the diameter of an over-table pendant light should be half the diameter of the table itself (for circular tables that is), and while that’s a handy guide, if you fall in love with something more dramatic, we say bending the rules is pretty much always ok.


One or a tonne? It’s a question of numbers…

Let’s start with just the one. Single pendant lights are best for dining or bedside tables, a sensational chandelier is the ideal statement over a stairway, in an entrance foyer or dangling above a dashing diner.

Can’t choose? Then don’t. Consider a clustered arrangement of petite pendants hanging together, or a fitting which features multiple strands for a contemporary look that’s anything but ordinary.


If you opt to line your lights up remember they don’t have to be identical, for a more offbeat look that oozes serious modern style, try hanging three pendants with contrasting shapes but the same colourway to create your own original fab fitting.

The hero light

If the ‘hero light’ is more your look, a seriously sizeable chandelier has a huge impact, but it works best with high ceilings, while an exposed wire cage frame or simple glass pendant with filament bulbs channels an industrial, slightly vintage vibe.

The last word in lighting…

From a slim single fixture to a sizeable statement chandelier or a row or retro fittings, there are plenty of picture-perfect pendant options on offer to transform any on-trend room.