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Take a seat – chair trends for 2018

The humble chair. An oft-underestimated decorating tool and a super easy place to start to refresh your interior in a flash (and on a budget).

So often an afterthought, a chair is a spot to sit, think, eat, work and entertain. Not so insignificant then after all.

Whether you’re keen on the cohesive look or in the mood for mis-matched mayhem, check out our spin on sensational seating for 2017:

All (dining) chairs on deck 

There’s nothing like the holiday season – or unexpected guests – to highlight a seating deficiency – and this is where the current trend towards mis-matched chairs is a life (and style) saver.

Forget the idea of needing 6, 8 or 10 coordinated chairs to surround your table and opt for a motley crew of different designs instead. Pull it together by choosing a range of shapes in one colour tone, repeat the same chair in a mix of shades, select from one era (such as mid-century), or just pick the chairs you love and plonk yourself down for an eclectic, effortless look that’s very 2017.The Circle live streaming film

Bring back the bar stool

The popularity of large kitchen islands has brought the bar stool back to life, with many smaller living spaces eschewing formal dining tables altogether and opting to perch sensational stools in the kitchen, or at an alfresco bar table, instead. From upholstered to backless, timber to steel, stools are truly having their moment in the sun.

Take a seat – in the office 

With many workplaces embracing fun and flexibility, office decor is following suit with less rigid design and a more casual, quirky vibe taking hold, especially in industries including technology, media and entertainment. Employers are concerned with cultivating the right culture, and cool, comfy chairs are a great place to start.

Lounge chair love

Everyone should own at least one awesome armchair (but we reckon one is rarely enough). Somewhere to put your feet up, take your coffee, finish that novel or curl up in comfort. And with a raft of new arrivals in luxe leather and sumptuous velvet, lounging about just became even harder to resist.