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So you’ve been bitten by the Marie Kondo bug and set off on your very own ‘tidying adventure’. Good for you. Question is, once you’ve discarded most of your belongings and you’re left with that carefully curated pile which ‘sparks joy’ – where do you put it? There’s no point clearing all your clutter and then haphazardly shoving what’s left back on the shelf/in the cupboard/in the drawers or on the floor, right?

The evangelical Ms Kondo advises storing what’s left in your life in a location that’s visible and accessible – so that you can ‘grab and go’ with ease. That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together our very own collection of joy-sparking credenzas, sideboards, cabinets, chests, wardrobes, shelves, baskets and more so that you can choose what to conceal, and what to reveal. Just remember to follow the KON-mandments, including keeping the items you use the most in the most accessible spots. Sounds easy right? Go on then, indulge your-shelf….


The beauty of bookshelves

Now that you only have a minimal collection, it’s time to show it off. Books are a stylist’s dream. You can colour code them, stack them to create platforms for feature ornaments, display them individually to show off a swish cover, or experiment with a combination of horizontal and vertical options.


Chic credenzas, cabinets & sideboards

When it comes to streamlined storage, nothing beats a chic credenza, cabinet or sideboard. Available in a range of beautiful timbers, as well as patterned, metallic and bold, coloured finishes, they’re a statement piece as well as the perfect solution for sneaky storage with shelves hidden behind sliding or cabinet doors. Use to store anything from linen and crockery to serving platters and board games – keeping the top clutter-free and curated for a favourite item or two, such as a gorgeous mirrored tray, a candelabra, a fabulous fruit bowl, a glam clock, or a funky faux plant or two.

Elegant entertainment units 

Everyone needs somewhere to store their cable TV, set-top box, Apple TV and other tech tools and toys – and an elegant entertainment unit is the obvious choice. Slightly less obvious though is the fact these can be used to store additional cables and adaptors Kondo-style behind swish sliding doors using shoe boxes or smaller plastic storage containers – out of sight, what a delight. Like credenzas and sideboards, entertainment units are also a fun spot to show a little personality via those items that bring you joy, so don’t be afraid to step away from minimalism momentarily to feature an opulent ornament, piece of art or curated collection of….anything that takes your fancy. Gold snake or mirrored skull perhaps?


Drawers galore

If you haven’t seen Marie Kondo’s fastidious folding technique yet – where have you been hiding? So simple, so streamlined and perfect for making the most of your drawer space, it’s all the inspo you need to invest in a new chest of drawers for your bedroom, guest room, study or living space. So get folding, and put on your happy face.

The best of the rest

Getting serious about storage needn’t mean storing everything out of sight, sometimes it’s more a matter of making a feature of your favourite finds – from hanging that fab faux fur from the flea market on a cool coat stand to storing your rings in a glam gold bowl, or your fave magazines or coffee table books in a wall pocket or luxe magazine rack. It’s meant to be a tidying adventure after all, so let’s put the fun back into furniture and the smile back into storage.

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