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Styling the festive table – hosting hacks for eclectic entertaining

From mis-matched chairs and faux animals to artificial plants and fake food, check out Matt Blatt’s take on fabulous festive dining for a look that’s way too good to eat.

The Christmas table. It’s that thing hosts lose sleep over – and that’s forgetting the food. It’s the heart of the celebrations, the perfect canvas to show off your seasonal spirit and the ideal spot to express your playful side and get the conversation started. Whether you deck it out in all it’s Chrissy glory ahead of the big day to get everyone in a merry mood, or leave it until the last minute, we’ve provided some inspo to get the ideas flowing – you might just want to trade our faux food for something a smidge tastier come December 25th!

Seasonal seating

‘Tis the season for needing additional seating, so if you’re adding to your existing dining chair collection, why not do so in festive brights? Otherwise start from scratch with either a coordinated set of chairs, or steal our favourite styling trick and mix and match Matt-style…


The Chrissy table 

Whether your table is indoors or out, timber or aluminium, plastic, concrete, marble or glass, it’ll lend itself to a bit of Chrissy cheer. For occasional hosts, an extension table might be a worthwhile investment – saving space the rest of the year – but avoiding having to pull up side tables and eat on sofas when the rellies come to play – and stay. Browse our selection of tables for all types below, and remember, there are many more in-store and online…

Accessories – the more the merrier 

Forget minimalism, Christmas it the time of year to channel Iris Apfel and swap ‘less is more’ for ‘more is more and less is a bore’…at least that’s what we’re doing at Matt Blatt. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match faux or real plants with fake animals, candle holders, temple jars, eclectic crockery and the odd bit of tinsel if you fancy. Check out some of our fave avant-garde accessories for a fanciful festive table below…