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Space & mirrors – stylist tips to create the illusion of size and light – even when space is tight

It’s safe to say that most of us are keen for our living space to appear lighter….and larger. And while we can’t all upsize on a whim; interior stylists have a few simple strategies up their fashionable sleeves to create an illusion of space and light when the real deal is a touch tricker to come by.

Of course, we’ve raided their bag of tricks to share a couple of simple solutions with you….and today’s tools are mirrors and glass. Too easy!

The magic of mirrors

Typically more cost-effective than original artworks – or installing new windows – windows can work wonders. From reflecting the natural light you do have, to bouncing light around a room to trick the eye into seeing more space than there is, choose from one oversized piece or a collection of petite picks for a look that’s schmick.

If traditional is more your lane, pick a large rectangular mirror – the biggest you can balance in the space – and hang it above a fireplace, mantelpiece or above a hallway console table. If you’re not set on convention, then try hanging a selection of smaller mirrors gallery-style or creating a triptych of tall vertical mirrors as an artwork alternative.

Shape is another factor to consider, with the choices available going way beyond predictable rectangle and circular styles, so if you’re keen on adding an edgy, designer vibe to freshen your space, consider a geometric or abstract-shaped mirror – or a group of them – instead.

Let’s not forget that mirrors don’t only work on the walls. Standing mirrors are a terrific alternative in dressing rooms, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms – particularly for renters unable to wall mount – and small to mid-sized mirrors casually leaning against the wall on a bookshelf or entertainment are another cool yet chic options.

Go for glass

Ever wondered why homes styled for sale and designer apartments often feature glass tables? Or perhaps you hadn’t noticed….but they do. And it’s no accident.

Glass coffee tables, which have the added benefit of showing the swish rug you put underneath them, create an illusion of space by encouraging the eye to almost look through them, and by not blocking off space or adding bulk to break up the room.

If you choose a glass coffee table with fabulous feature legs it’ll help your room seem more spacious and add a visual focal point at the same time.

Glass dining tables have the same effect, albeit higher up, and allow you to show off your dishy dining chairs, so choose bold upholstery, luxe leather or retro shapes you’d like to put on display and dine away.

If you want to go even further, consider glass console or side tables to add cohesion and continuity and maximise the light and airy look you’re trying to achieve.





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