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Safari style – take a walk on the wild side with life-sized animal decor

Here at Matt Blatt we’re all about putting the FUN back into furniture and right now there’s plenty of monkeying about going on in our showrooms with our new collection of life-sized animals ranging from pet-sized pooches through to cows, dinosaurs, horses, dragons, crocodiles, camels, lions, tigers…and more.

Why? Well….why not. Life’s serious, interiors shouldn’t have to be. We’re going all Night at the Museum and mixing the animals with our conventional (ok so not much here is conventional…) furniture collections for a playful twist on new season style that’s bound to make everyone smile.

Allergic to four-legged friends? Got a thing for horses but no paddock to keep them in? Massive Game of Thrones fan who just fancies your very own dragon?

Whatever your excuse – and we don’t see why you need one – these are bound to get the conversation flowing at your next barbie or cocktail bash. Pop one in your entryway to make a fanciful first impression, channel The Hangover with a tiger in your master suite or man cave or add a whimsical carousel-style horse to a too-cool kids’ room.

It’s time to ditch cookie-cutter interior style and take your décor up a dial. It’s a jungle out there.




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