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Rugs a million – how to layer rugs to achieve a luxe look

If one rug is stylish, then multiple rugs must be super-stylish, right? Well, pretty much. The trick is in working out how to use them (let’s say layer them, it sounds much more slick), successfully. Luckily we’re the helpful types, so we’ve collated everything you need to know so you can rug up like a pro…

Rug and repeat

If you’re looking for a safe place to start your rug-mixing career, this is it. Use two identical solid rugs in the same room – perhaps one under a dining table and one under a sofa/coffee table combo – or use two of the same size and material, but in two complementary solid shades (think navy and pale blue, aqua and petrol, blush and burgundy). Saf.e but sleek.

Same colour, different pattern

A bit bolder than multiple solid rugs, why not use two rugs with different patterns (Paisley, Persian) but in the same colourway; or mix a solid rug with a patterned version, also in the same colourway

Just remember busy patterns make a room feel more cluttered, and somewhat smaller, so avoid super-detailed patterns in tighter spaces.

Cowhides are a decorator’s best friend

We’ll let you in on a little stylist’s secret. A cowhide will work with, and elevate, virtually any combo. Thin and easy to layer over a jute or sisal base, over a solid colour or atop a plush pattern it creates a laidback look that’s all about on-trend texture. Another option is to use two – even three – cowhides together to create the illusion one larger area rug (but with a lot more flexibility).

Building the perfect base

Can’t find your ideal base rug to begin layering? Make your own – and no there’s no need to begin weaving. Buying a carpet in the colour you love, and having it bound into a rug, gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the size, material and shade you’re after…particularly handy if you’re looking to fill a large room.

Base layers are the border, top layers the spotlight

Just as the base layer often fills an area and acts as a canvas, the top layer is all about highlighting, and defining how the space is used. Whether the top layer is under a dining table, under a coffee table or beneath an armchair by the fire, it’s the ultimate way to draw the eye to a favourite spot.

Shaggy, fluffy or fringed – we’re crushing on texture

Flinging a fringed rug over an organic seagrass, or a super-soft lamb’s fur over a traditional wool is a wonderful way to add warmth and touchability – plus a bit of boho – to any room, and transform it from lacklustre to luxe.

Build a border

Like a symmetrical, ordered look? Use a jute, sisal or solid neutral rectangular rug as a base, then top with your fave patterned pick to give the illusion of one larger detailed rug with a formal border….simple, yet super effective.

Whatever type of rug you fancy – tribal, boho, vintage, geometric, Persian or patchwork – you can use it to add a layered and lived-in look you’ll love at yours.