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Matt Blatt works its magic on the office of art gurus Bluethumb

Check this out. We recently collaborated with innovative online art marketplace, Bluethumb, to overhaul their meeting room – and we’re loving the result.

With Bluethumb’s freshly made-over meeting room now perfectly reflecting the brand’s edgy personality and entrepreneurial spirit – unlike many commercial environments which are overlooked in the style stakes – we chatted with Matt Blatt’s in-house stylist Judyta Hulme to steal her tips and tricks for creating an inspired environment in any workplace.

Meeting room makeover

“Investing in commercial interior style makes business sense, as well as style sense, with numerous studies linking an inspiring, well thought out office environment to higher staff morale and productivity,” said Judyta.

Focus on function

Obviously practical concerns such as flexibility and functionality are vital when it comes to any office overhaul, but Judyta says there’s no reason an office space can’t be both useful and inviting.

“The first step is to determine how the space will be used, how often and by how many. After that you can begin selecting furniture, making sure it’s of a commercial quality to endure the constant wear and tear of a workplace environment.”

“Take meeting rooms for example. Avoiding a cluttered environment doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few fun elements or a bit of your brand’s personality. If you create an inviting space with carefully curated accessories and the odd organic element, such as a touch of timber or natural stone, you’ll find employees will enjoy using the space and be more likely to be in the mood for collaboration.”

Subvert individual taste for broad-based appeal

If your home is your castle and you can deck it out however you please, then your office is your village and you need to cater for the masses…well not quite, but near enough.

How does this translate to a cool commercial interior? Judyta advises making selections which reflect your brand, but which are not too ‘out there’ to ensure maximum appeal.

“Use accessories or individual chairs to inject colour and a quirky element into your office rather than painting the walls in purple stripes and opting for rainbow rugs…it’s common style sense really.”

Let there be light

Sufficient light is essential for workplace wellbeing, and if space is at a premium, maximising light, or the impression of light, becomes even more critical.

With Bluethumb’s meeting room already relatively compact, Judyta said keeping a light and airy ambience was vital. “While there’s plenty of white to add light, it was then important to use accessories to inject colour and texture, ensuring the office didn’t come over as too clinical. From greenery to artwork to animal accessories, a pink lamp and the organic rug, these decorative touches make the overall space more inviting…and the more home-like the space the longer staff will be happy to stay at work!”

Inject your brand identity

Just as every home is different, should is every workplace. Don’t shy away from that. In Bluethumb’s case, their pre-makeover office had hardly any art on the walls, which didn’t reflect the brand’s philosophy at all.

Popular picks for an on-trend office

Stuck for ideas? Judyta has a few favourites from Matt Blatt’s commercial collection which are bound to elevate any office interior, including:

  • The Hamilton Desk – crafted from warm walnut and ideal for concealing cable clutter
  • Replica Eames Group chairs – perfect for conference and meeting rooms
  • Replica Eames DCW chairs – a cool casual alternative for break-out meeting spaces
  • Replica Eames/Saarinen Organic chair – simple, striking and terrific for intimate spaces
  • Replica Eames DSW chairs – Bluethumb already had a bunch of these – and they were easy to work in with new pieces

Somehow we think the creative crew at Bluethumb will be finding any excuse to bond over brainstorming meetings to make the most of their inspired new space which now reflects the business’ brand and ties in with its innovative, creative image.



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