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Makeover magic – reinvent your space with a refresh, rather than a reno

–          Easy updates for any interior from Matt Blatt style guru Judyta Hulme –


Living room so last year? Bored with your bedrooms? Drooling over interiors on Insta? We hear you.

Despite the way things look on reality TV, not everyone has the budget, time, energy (or hidden helpers) to renovate whenever we fancy a refresh. Fortunately, there’s no need to, according to Matt Blatt’s in-house stylist Judyta Hulme, who’s put together her top tips for rejuvenating your space in a few simple steps…without breaking the bank.


Choose your colours first

Then paint, paint and paint some more. By re-painting not just the walls, but window sills, architraves, ceilings and doorways you’ll achieve an instant refresh and can then play with accessories and textiles from there.







Declutter, then do it again

Out-of-date accessories – pineapples anyone? – can really age your interior…so send them on their way. By eliminating your old accessories and swapping in some new season toys you’ll be bang on trend in the blink of an eye. Mirrors, candles, vases…animal heads…all cool, quick and quirky additions to any interior begging for a refresh.


Use textiles to tart up any space

Use textiles to tart up any space. Rugs add warmth, colour, texture, and can separate different zones in open-plan living areas. Just be sure to choose a rug big enough to accommodate all of the furniture in that zone – there’s nothing like an under-sized rug to date a space.


Let there be light

Replace bulky blinds and curtains with shutters, streamlined curtains or minimalist blinds to let the natural light shine


Work with what you have

Refresh a tired brick fireplace with a few coats of white paint and add a fresh mantel with decorative mouldings to make an old-fashioned fireplace a fresh feature


Selective replacement

By replacing one or two key pieces of furniture – rather than an entire room – you can achieve a similar result, for a fraction of the cost. Opt for a sofa if the budget allows, otherwise choose a fab feature armchair or change up several dining chairs to achieve the latest mis-matched look




Accessories are everything

I know we mentioned de-cluttering earlier but we weren’t saying get rid of your accessories – just get rid of the out-dated ones. Now we’re moving on to using accessories to change up your space and throw rugs, eye-catching cushions, offbeat animals, striking artworks, lamps and pretty pots can all add impact without costing a fortune.




Go green

Indoor plants, real or artificial, connect your indoor and outdoor spaces and make any room appear refreshed and roomy. Too easy.

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