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Grown-up style for too-cool kids

The offspring of style-savvy parents are no longer content with boring, budget bedrooms – and designers’ latest furniture offerings for trend-tracking mini-mes offer the ideal mix of fun, function, frivolity…and serious street cred.

Matt Blatt advises putting serious thought into styling the little people spaces in your home early on to create rooms that are flexible and easily adaptable – with minimal expense – as they move from play-doh to Lego, make-believe to make-up, pre-school to high school…and so on.


“By incorporating elements of classic design, and investing in timeless pieces, such as credenzas, shelves, bedside tables and overhead lighting, you can use textiles, accessories and toys to add a playful, fanciful feel which can be transformed over time,” said Mr Blatt.

Check out MB’s guide to grown-up style for too-cool kids:

Resist pastel temptation

Jethro Lounge Chair

Unless you’re picking pale grey or green tones, it’s often best to resist the baby blue, pretty pink temptation. Why not try a darker charcoal or teal shade, a bright solid or even monochrome stripes for a backdrop with backbone that’s anything but boring but easily adaptable from tot to tween to teen?

Pick furniture YOU like

Replica Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

Sure it’s their room, but it’s your house and chances are with time some of the items may end up moving to another room, or, eventually, the room may become a guest room or study once your beloved babies grow up and move on and out. The latest pieces to complement you home’s grown-up décor including rocking and peacock rattan chairs in hot hues, colourful credenzas, fab four posters and replica ball and egg chairs that beckon an extended session with a great book. Buy well from the beginning to avoid being stuck with a garage full of retired racing car beds and Barbie chairs if you can possibly help it.

Shelving is king

Getting their gear off the floor and into some sense or order is every parent’s fantasy, and solid shelving is often the key. Whether you opt for something built-in, customisable of off-the-shelf (but perhaps bolted to the wall if they’re climbers) depends on your budget and the layout of the room but one thing is certain – shelving is an investment and a canvas for injecting some personality in the room without having to paint it up the walls.

Adair sideboard

Textiles 101: splurge or save?

Textiles can be tricky. Let’s make it simple. If you’re opting for blinds or blackout curtains, choose block colours or patterns that won’t date as these can be expensive to update along the way.

Rugs are somewhere in between – you don’t want to be tossing them out every season but even the most OCD of children is unlikely to keep theirs in good nick from the age of six to sixteen. Buy something stage appropriate that will last a few years, then update.

Frankie rug – multiple sizes

Cushions and throws on the other hand, are a restless decorator’s best friend – change them up as often as you like and use them to add pattern, personality and panache to your little person’s place. watch Live by Night movie now


So forget shutting the door on your young ones’ spaces, these fresh finds are so fetching, if you don’t have kids to buy them for – you might just want to borrow some: