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Your entrance. Your hallway. Your doorway. The window to your personal style and a snapshot of the life within. An often-neglected part of the home, instead of forgetting about your home’s entryway, invest a little effort and make a fab first impression instead.

To help you on the path to entrance excellence, Matt Blatt stylist Judyta Hulme has shared her top tips to creating an entry which is practical yet full of personality, making the most of a small space and giving guests a taste of the interior style further inside…

“Besides the obvious de-cluttering benefits of having a designated and useful space to keep keys, hats, the dog’s lead, your sunglasses and so on, furnishing your hallway, foyer or entrance is an ideal opportunity to express yourself and incorporate seasonal updates in a way that’s pretty safe and stress-free. After all, it’s easier to change a few hooks on the wall or the display on a console table than to re-paint the entire house or re-furnish a huge space,” explained Judyta.

“From a vase of fresh blooms to a family photo collection to your favourite coffee table book or a quirky ornament, creating a unique focal point near the front door means there’ll be something to make you smile every time you walk in, and out, of the door.”

Cabinets & Credenzas

If space isn’t an issue, you could opt for a series of mudroom style cupboards, a roomy cabinet to keep clutter under control or a striking sideboard or cool credenza offering the ideal balance between stashed away and on display.

Here are a few of Judtya’s fresh picks for serious but stylish entrance storage…




If you don’t need concealed storage in your hallway, a console table is an awesome option to showcase a few favourite items, as well as providing a spot to sling your keys and coins. It’s also a great choice for a narrower space as the open space beneath helps add the illusion of space, compared with a solid cabinet. If you prefer to keep your bits and pieces out of sight, opt for one with a small drawer.

Try one of these on for size…


Hooks & Shelves

An easy alternative to more serious storage furniture, hooks, coat stands and wall-mounted shelves keep valuable floor space free, offer easy access, and can add visual warmth and texture to the space – especially if your collection of scarves, coats and hats is worth showing off.

And remember there’s no excuse for dull hooks and shelves when there are options like these around…


Bench seating is a brilliant entryway solution, doing double duty as somewhere to sit and pull your boots on as well as somewhere to store shoes and baskets beneath. They also work well below a cute set of hooks or a wall-mounted shelf for a mini take on a mudroom that’ll work in smaller spaces.

Put your feet up and check out these swish seating suggestions…


On the wall

If you’ve opted for a credenza, sideboard or console table in your entryway, finish off the look with a look-at-me artwork or a magnificent mirror, which will bounce light around and make the space seem larger – and give you somewhere to do that all-important once-over on the way out the door…

Browse Judyta’s current favourites for striking style on the hallway wall…


Luxe lighting

If your entry enjoys a high ceiling, then show it off and draw the eye upwards with a dramatic pendant light or statement chandelier….




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