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Top 5 tips to ace apartment style – and enjoy luxe urban living

Urban living is all about location, modern amenities and fuss-free living. To make the most of your space, and get maximum living space with minimal clutter,

Infinity display suite

knowing how to select – and style – your furniture, artwork and accessories in an apartment-friendly way is key. The Matt Blatt style team who recently helped pull together a swish display suite at Infinity Towers, Geocon’s groundbreaking new mixed-use development in Gungahlin, have compiled five top tips to help you ace apartment style…

Modern monochrome

If you’re not confident with colour, a monochrome colour palette – mixed with timber and glass – is a timeless combo for virtually any apartment interior. By choosing sofas, bar stools and dining chairs in black or charcoal, then accessorising with black-and-white patterned rugs, artwork and textured cushions you’re keeping it simple, stylish and bang on-trend.

Interior styling secrets

Use rugs and different seating styles to designate zones in an open plan living space. For instance, a rectangular rug can anchor a sofa and coffee table, while a cow hide with a couple of easy chairs might signal a reading nook.

Pick pieces with an open base, or glass top, such as glass dining, coffee and console tables and sofas and armchairs on legs rather than those with a solid base to make your apartment feel more airy and less cluttered.

If space is at a premium, try a cluster or nest of side tables in lieu of one bulkier piece, and consider modular seating arrangements to make the most of troublesome corners.

Multi-functional furniture

Clever furniture selection helps eke maximum value out of every piece. Storage ottomans keep throw rugs and magazines out of sight while doubling as a footrest, coffee table or impromptu additional seating.

Sofabeds are every apartment dweller’s best friend. Use one as the second sofa in the living area or pop a sofabed into a spare bedroom so you can use it as a study or media room whenever you don’t have guests.

With storage at a premium in most apartments, seek entertainment units, console tables and sideboards and coffee tables with drawers and/or shelves to stash your bits and bobs out of sight without sacrificing style.

Beds with headboards or under-mattress storage are another smart selection.


Let there be light

Make the most of those large windows and fabulous views by adding mirrors and using glass surfaces on tabletops to reflect and bounce light around the room, making it appear even larger than it is. Metallic accents – vases, lamps and more – are also fabulous picks to lighten and brighten any swish space.

Accessible art & accessories

Large artworks or prints create a fantastic focal point in a room – without taking up any floor space.

Greenery is another popular pick, and with good reason. Plants, whether real or artificial – the faux foliage available now is phenomenal – make any space feel fresh, alive and lived-in. Whether you pick a hanging plant, a feature pot or a cluster of succulents in mini pots, remember that green needs to be seen.