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More is more and less is a bore…

Iris apfel

We’re more than a little in love with style icon Iris Apfel, so we’re channelling her fabulous, fanciful style and famous ‘more is more and less is a bore’ mantra to forget minimalism and experiment with maximalism instead. And boy is it FUN. So join us and embrace your inner eccentric and take a walk on the wild side with clashing patterns, opulent layers, rich colour and animal prints aplenty.

By peppering your home with pattern, curating (rather than relegating) clutter and investing in – and showing off – pieces you love, you’ll find that sometimes a thrown-together look can just, well…work. But first you need to forget everything you thought you knew about interior style – and that may take a while – so we’re come up with a few tips to get you started.

Clashing colour

If you’re not ready to randomly fling clashing colours together, start with one striking colour combo – like petrol and peach, forest and lilac or orange and fuschia – and choose a range of light and dark shades and patterns within those colours’ spectrums.

Something old meets something new

To create a room that doesn’t look too try-hard, mix a couple of contemporary pieces with vintage or flea market finds. That means adding a glitzy modern mirror above your great-aunt’s telephone table, pairing a vivid velvet sofa with a hand-me-down Persian rug or styling an antique dining table with an array of plastic chairs in rainbow shades. You get the picture.

Accessories are everything

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the Iris-inspired eclectic look is to stock up on a stack of quirky, eccentric or unexpected accessories – those unpredictable pieces which make your space, well…truly yours. Remember when Coco Chanel recommended we look in the mirror before we leave home and ‘take one thing off’? Well it’s time to let that gem go. Go out and buy those random offbeat ornaments you usually wouldn’t because you ‘don’t have anywhere to put them’, and put them…anywhere you like.
From flying pigs on the wall to monkey bowls, retro artworks, dishy drinks trolleys and unicorn seating, anything (actually, EVERYTHING) goes.

The final word – just do it (or at least decorate it)

Maintaining the perfect minimalist abode is tiring. Exhausting in fact. So give yourself permission to let it all go and enjoy the flexibility, freedom and fun of decorating your space according to whim and whimsy rather than style rules and regulations. It’s all about living a curated (if not chaotic) life – and loving every minute of it.

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