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Don’t de-clutter – re-clutter….why maximalism is the new minimalism

It looks like maximalism might be the new minimalism with stylists going ga-ga for mixing materials and peppering homes with pattern. Add personality, tell a story and forget everything you thought you knew about interior style…..clutter is the new clean and here at MB we couldn’t be happier!

The question is: how to pull it off?

The answer: just do it. Ok, not quite. We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks below (which kind of goes against the grain of crafting an eclectic, colour-clashing space) for those who want to give it a go but are a little unsure where to start (anywhere really!)

The colour collective





If you’re not confident clashing and combining colours, one option is to pick a couple of key colours, say green and violet, orange and fuschia, and choose varying light and dark shades and patterns within that spectrum. Remember though, we’re not just talking about mixing colour, we’re talking saturated colour. The other option of course is to try your hand at flinging orange, blue, gold, grey and burgundy together all in one go – and to send us a pic of the extravagant result!

Old meets new – and they fall in love

Vintage finds and modern icons can be friends, lovers even so don’t shy away from mixing the latest pieces with your Nanna’s crochet throws, or grandpa’s beloved landscape art with your fave new gold and glass coffee table. So long as the vintage pieces mean something to you (and you don’t let them take over), you can make them work.

The accessorised aesthetic

When it comes to embracing excess, accessories are your new best friend. Sure, you can play with pattern and colour in your choice of rug, sofa and side table, but it’s the addition of quirky, eccentric or unexpected accessories that will truly make your space look lived-in and lively.

Curate an offbeat art gallery on a wallpapered wall, stack books horizontally in unusual places, incorporate fanciful lamps and go nuts for nifty ornaments you would normally not buy because you didn’t have anywhere to put them….then sit back and see how happy it makes you. After all, maintaining that minimalist zen vibe can make you feel anything but tranquil.

So this season why not take international style icon Iris Apfel’s infamous advice “more is more and less is a bore” and switch white and streamlined for bright and busy, opt for organised chaos and aim for chock-a-block maximalism to celebrate your experience and live a curated life.

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