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Desks come out of the dark

No longer hidden in the corner, the latest crop of designer desks goes way beyond being somewhere to pile up papers. From writer’s desk to architect’s tables in glass, chrome, timber, iron and laminate – today’s takes are made for multi-functional modern life.

Remember when your desk was stuffed under the staircase, or used to dump household junk in some supposedly inconspicuous spot? Not any more. Desks are back – in a big way.

As we increasingly blur the lines between professional and personal time, and more of us work from home – or at least tackle the inbox in our PJs – it makes sense for desks to take up a more prominent and practical spot in the house, and a number of contemporary designers are finding ways to add modular units or customisable shelves to add function to fashion in the home office space.

In fact, the latest crop of designer desks is made for showing off, with new workspaces having their moment in the sun as the interior styling star of the room…..just add quirky chairs, swanky shelving, soft rugs underfoot – and go.

Or…pop it into a high-traffic area where it can be both pretty and productive, with diverse uses dependent on the time of day.

Homework? Tick. Paying bills? Tick. Working from home? Tick. Online shopping (our favourite, of course)? Tick.

From industrial to mid-century, modern to eclectic, check out our pick of the latest to-die-for desks: