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Wowsers. How cool are the colours in the latest Candelo reno on House Rules? The fact there’s a tonne of natural light flooding the main living space certainly helps, and we love the way the teams have combined a neutral grey sofa and cowhide with pops of purple, pale pink, gorgeous green – that Replica Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair looks unreal – and navy blue – not an obvious colour collection, but it certainly works.

The texture mix is a treat too with a magical mix of fluffy lamb’s fur rugs and cushions, vivid velvet, black leather, fabric, cow hide and timber bringing the room to life. It looks like a space for real people, living real lives, rather than something created for a magazine or TV shoot…which is what House Rules is really about, right?

It feels like the teams are really finding their groove as the weeks roll on. Great shopping, superb styling…this competition is hotting up!!

Here’s a closer look at some of the Matt Blatt products featured in the Candelo reno, maybe they’d look just as peachy at your place?


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