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Colour me happy – 8 ways to brighten your desk….and your day

Whether in the office or working from home, there’s no need (or excuse) for a dull and dreary desk. Boost your motivation, your inspiration and your mood with these easy ideas to go beyond fluoro lighting and functionality and inject a bit of colour and whimsy into your workspace.

Brighten up

Sure you might need traditional task lighting overhead, but why not add a dashing desk lamp to put the spotlight on style (as well as spreadsheets)?

Swish seating

A simple change such as a swish new chair can add personality and pizazz to an otherwise ordinary workspace, so if you have the option to add additional seating or to move beyond (slightly boring) black – why not pick something that’ll make you smile?

Say it with storage

We’re not saying filing cabinets aren’t useful, but they’re rarely swoon-worthy. Why not incorporate additional study storage in a more modish format – think sideboards, wall shelves, baskets (for your winter lap blankie) and bookshelves that equal parts fashion and function.

Tick tock – watch the clock

If you’re going to watch the clock when working, it might as well be a good-looking one. A cute clock is super simple update bound to turn that frown upside down every time you find yourself checking the time.

Books + bold = brilliant

One of the most versatile decorating accessories around, books can make or break a space….no pressure then! Rather than leave them in an unruly pile on your desk, at your feet or stuffed inside a cupboard, bag a pair of brave bookends and show them off. Sure they might be financial texts or law journals, but squeezed between a pair of quirky bookends, or stacked on a funky shelf, you’ll be surprised how much more stylish they look.

The arty aesthetic

From feature prints to framed photos, mirrors to magazine inspo tacked up with washi tape, adding an artistic visual to your desk zone is a surefire strategy to brighten your mood as well as your workplace.

Make space for something you love

Whether it’s a sweet statue, treasured toy, vintage find or dinky decoration, adding something quirky and personal to your desk will elevate it from workspace to yourspace in an instant.

Don’t forget the floor!

It’s not all about style you can see, it’s also about style you can feel. Adding a rug underfoot for comfort as well as upping the cool factor is effortless and effective. Go plush or shaggy to add texture to a minimalist zone, or add a riot of colour and pattern to bring a neutral palette to life.