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My rug, my hero – up fashion on the floor with new rugs galore

We’re just a wee bit excited about our latest drop of designer rugs, so we had to share…you know, because we care. Hand-tufted from blended New Zealand wool and painstakingly crafted by artisans in India, they’re premium, plush and our latest crush – and exclusive to Matt Blatt. Gotta love that.

Hand-tufting 101

Hand-tufted rugs are high quality, durable and made to handle the rough and tumble of modern life. Created by hand-skilled artisans punching woollen strands onto a stretched canvas on a frame using a ‘tufting’ tool. Once removed, fabric is glued to the back of the rug and the pile trimmed to the desired length, which, in the case of these designs strikes just the right balance between plush and practical.  Sounds simple? Trust us, it’s not!

Why wool?

Why choose a woollen rug? Let us count the ways. Ok so we won’t bore you with that, but in a nutshell, here are the key features and benefits of investing in a rug made from natural wool:

  • Colourfast – which means no running or bleeding colour – the designs stays just as you like it
  • Natural – no toxins used in the process and none to release into your home
  • Non-allergenic – dust mites don’t love it and you can easily vacuum or hang outdoors from time to time for added protection
  • Stain-resistant – so long as you quickly attend to spills the natural stain-resistant properties of wool will work in your favour, meaning you don’t have to panic about eating and drinking nearby
  • Low-maintenance – cleaning is quick and simple – but the good looks were made to last

 Sublime to style 

To style your new designer rug, choose your favourite features from the design and repeat one or two of them in cushions, throws, artworks or other accessories throughout the room to tie the look together without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Glass dining or coffee tables are another stylist’s trick to ensure your rug’s design isn’t hidden from view.

If you fancy letting your rug be the main focal point to take a room from everyday to exceptional, then keep the key furnishings such as your sofa and armchairs relatively neutral and just add a couple of cushions and a single throw in matching colours to keep the eye firmly on the floor.

So, drumroll please….here’s the new collection in all its hand-tufted glory, including a couple of hallway runners to ensure your entrance looks just as hot as the rest of the house:



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