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Talking Turkish – introducing our new rug crush

Introducing our new textile crush. Overdyed with rich, saturated colour to add modern appeal to traditional patterns, every single rug in our new Turkish collection is unique. 

Buying them was a blast too, with one of our founders finding herself barefoot atop an enormous pile of rugs at an overseas furniture fair, with a crowd gathered below watching on in amusement as she agonised over which distinctive designs, and colours to pull out of the pile and pack up to send back to us here at HQ.

Here at Matt Blatt, we love a piece with a story to tell,  and these rugs have that in spades.

Each one has been handcrafted in Turkey by artisans who hand their skills down from one generation to the next…and boy are we glad they do. 

Here’s how it works. Original rugs and carpets, all at least 50 years old, are collected from various villages in Turkey and taken to a factory where they’re shaved, washed, and overdyed, injecting rich saturated colour and a new lease of life into these vintage textiles.

Next, for the patchwork-style rugs, pieces of the original rugs are carefully chosen and painstakingly hand-stitched together using needle scissors and 100% woollen thread. They’re then backed with a cotton textile to add to their durability. 

The entire rug-making process takes about two months.

A relatively new style for the Matt Blatt brand, these rugs are the perfect fit for our mission to ban bland and to only buy, and bring you, products we’re passionate about. When we fall in love, we fall hard…and this time the result is a huge collection of one-of-a-kind finds to add texture, traditional and an on-trend look underfoot at your place.

The ultimate blend of old and bold, they’re a must-have for style-savvy interiors, and look just as fabulous hung on the wall as they do strewn across the floor.

We’ve done the legwork sourcing and selecting this beautiful bunch. Your hard work’s still to come….just try to pick one!

Here’s just a glimpse of the new Turkish range, now available online and in-store in colours and sizes galore…

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