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Caring for velvet – minimal maintenance for maximum impact

Ah velvet. We all love it. Many of us have it. Plenty of us are terrified of trashing it. But don’t fret, by following a few simple steps you can enjoy the luxe good looks and plush comfort of gorgeous velvet furniture for years to come. Have fun.

Pay attention to placement

Before we even get onto managing spills and stains, when you bring your vivid velvet home, think carefully about where you put it. Placing a rich navy velvet sofa beneath a window where the sun streams in is a surefire way to speed up its demise since velvet will fade…so plan ahead or be sure to invest in substantial window coverings or UV-blocking window films to protect your precious piece.

The tools of the trade – how to clean velvet furniture

Before you try to clean any spills on your velvet furniture, arm yourself with the tools of the trade, and in the case of velvet, there aren’t many. All you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner, an absorbent cloth, a simple sudsy solution of soap and water (or a designated upholstery cleaner if you prefer), and a soft brush.

So you’ve spilled something….oops

Ok, so you’ve spilled something. Then get moving. First up blot the area with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth or paper towel to soak up excess liquid. Then, if necessary, blot with a sudsy mix of soap and water, using a soft cloth. Allow to dry completely. Then brush with a soft, dry brush in the direction of the fabric’s pile.

Tackling stains

If it’s a dried stain you’re tackling, then first test your cleaning product (including soap and water) on the underneath of the couch or in a hidden corner to make sure it doesn’t mark the fabric.

Once you’re good to go, then use your sudsy soap and water solution with a soft cloth, and gently blot – don’t rub. After the area has dried, brush the velvet with a soft, dry brush in the direction as the fabric’s pile to bring its loft back to life.

Call in the professionals

If you’ve decided not to go it alone, there are professional upholstery cleaning companies galore who can ride in to your rescue, just be mindful to have the entire piece done, rather than trying to spot clean to preserve a uniform colour.

Fur and fluff

Velvet does have a tendency to accumulate dust or pet hair – seems they love it just as much as we do – but vacuuming should remove it pretty easily, especially if you gently run an appropriate upholstery nozzle back and forth over the pile to remove any particles trapped in the plush pile.

Regular maintenance

To keep your velvet looking tip top, give it a regular once over with the vacuum cleaner, or brush with a soft-bristle brush to loosen any dirt clinging to the surface.

Ready to embrace the new plush crush (now that you know how to keep it looking lush)? Check out a sample of our vivid velvet range below…


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