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If you’re a fan of interiors magazines and design blogs, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard this advice – but we’re going to give it to you again anyway – just in case:


If you’re not a natural fan, don’t panic. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth black sofa, or a 12-seater dining table. It can be as subtle as a black framed print, a pair of bookends, a vase or a pendant light.

But why is it so important – and why does it work? It seems nobody can pinpoint it exactly, apart from agreeing on the fact that it does.

Whether it’s adding a little depth, a touch of drama, an air of elegance or a splash of sophistication, adding an element of black seems to elevate any room.

Decorating with black

Don’t be afraid to mix black with other colours, even pastels and neutrals, as a couple of black elements will refine the space, anchor it and tie other decorative elements together. One good way to achieve this is to have several black elements spaced around the room. From black legs on a glass coffee table at one end to a framed gallery wall at the other to black bar stools adding weight to an all-white kitchen and a pair of black bookends on a nearby console table…..a bit of black just brings it all together.

Scandi + black = sophisticated

While we’ve all fallen for Scandi style and new-age Nordic decorating over the past few years, incorporating elements of black together with our favourite pale oak timber tones ensures your pieces look less mass produced and more artfully arranged. Whether you choose black legs for a pale timber dining table or add black jars, vases, pots or bookends to the top of a light wooden sideboard, it’s all about balance and contrast.

When art is all you need

Never underestimate the power of artwork to add a focal point to a room, and tie its colour scheme together. Whether you pick a piece with a simple black frame, opt for a monochrome design or something that blends black with a riot of colour, it’s incredible the way even a touch of this dramatic dark hue is all you need to turn your room from DIY to designer.

Black in focus – go bold with a fabulous feature piece

Obviously the alternative to adding a splash of black here and there is to do entirely the opposite, and choose a bold, black feature piece as the fab focus of your room. From a glossy black leather couch or plush black velvet sofa to a mid-century armchair or a clutch of black dining chairs, embrace beautiful black and you won’t look back.

Black lighting we love

Beyond furniture, artwork and homewares, lighting is a luxe way to incorporate a splash – or more – of black into your space. From floor and table lamps to striking pendants and minimalist hanging shades, the options here are plenty – the challenge is picking your black from the pack!