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Super versatile, natural, sustainable and long-lasting, there sure is plenty to love about timeless timber – which is a good thing – because it’s going to be huge in 2019. The ideal partner for many of our favourite trend such as gold accents, velvet or boho styling, we’ve put together a sneak peek of some of the key timber looks that’ll be on every interior lovers’ books over the next 12 months.


Mixed with metallics 

Nothing highlights the beauty of timber like a bit of modish metal. Whether it’s nickel, brass, gold-toned iron or stainless steel, timber and metal together have endless appeal with a touch of metal adding a modern, glam edge to traditional timber, while timber can tone down shiny metal and give it a warm, lived-in look. Either way, it looks like a win-win to us.


Timbers such as teak and acacia are sturdy enough for outdoor living and low maintenance compared with many outdoor alternatives – needing just an occasional re-coat with a suitable sealant, stain or oil, depending on the product. Remember to always check with your retailer whether a product can endure full-on exposure year round, or whether it should be used outdoor undercover, such as on a covered patio or balcony – especially if you want to prolong its life and enjoy its gorgeous good looks for years to come.

Perfectly patterned 

Patterned timber – or pieces of timber used to make patterns – is a serious trend this season, and an artful alternative to using textiles and cushions to inject a bit of interest into your interior. Try doing the opposite and keeping your rugs neutral and your cushions in solid block colours and let feature timber pieces do the talking…’s a few pieces we’re currently stalking…

Reclaimed & recycled

Many elements of the timber furniture sector have taken the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ method to heart – and the result is unique timber pieces packed with character. Reclaimed and recycled timber often bears the scars of its previous use – such as the recycled timber from Indonesian fishing vessels in some of the pieces below – whether that’s through knots, nail holes, burrs or faded paint, and with this new range those fabulous flaws are celebrated rather than covered up….and we couldn’t be happier.

Industrial & edgy 

Raw finishes, plenty of gorgeous grain on display and a cool combo of timber with matte metal are all tried-and-tested ways to achieve edgy, industrial style in any residential or commercial setting. From chunky timber tables with heavy metal legs to open shelving and storage units, grungy industrial is a trend we’re expecting to see plenty of in 2019.

Smooth veneers

Once considered the poorer cousin of its solid timber rellies, today’s timber veneers are anything but. Super smooth, supple, able to be moulded into all manner or dishy designs and showing off a timber’s grain to perfection, veneer is making a massive comeback in on-trend abodes everywhere. Created by sticking thin layers of timber together with glue, products featuring wood veneer are strengthened by the glue and can help reduce the chance of a timber product warping, splitting or cracking.

All hail the return of pale 

After a winter where dark timbers were the hero, we’re seeing a return of our paler, blonde timber friends, such as always-in-style oak – just the way the Scandi style icons like it. Ultra versatile and made to suit virtually any contemporary or classic interior, pale timbers can also help lighten and brighten a space – just one of the reasons they’re such a popular pick.

Waste not, want not 

We’re loving the latest designs which don’t just use every part of the tree – they make it a feature. From the roots of a teak tree to smooth sanded side tables and stools created from single slabs of timber, it’s a waste-not-want-not approach to timeless timber which is giving this old-school material new life…

Contrast with concrete

Composite stones and concrete compounds are big business in furniture these days, effortlessly mixing natural timber with industrial-esque products for an urban edge in any interior. Timber legs soften the heavy appearance of concrete-style tabletops, adding an organic, natural element to a modern trend which is gaining traction.


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