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8 ways to inject winter warmth – insider hacks to heat up any interior

Baby it’s cold outside….but it’s warm in here – or it can be – if you know the tricks of the trade for not just creating genuine warmth, but for using texture and cleverly chosen materials to mimic the real deal and add a visual warmth to any interior space.

Check out our eight hot hacks below:

Fake it with fur – snuggle your sofa with fabulous fur 

Wheteher it’s gorgeous goat, luxe lamb or fantastic faux fur, scattering all things furry on, under and atop your couch is a surefire strategy to warm up your lounging life.

Woven magic – macrame, artisan textiles and fringing 

Whether it’s a fringed or textured cushion or throw, macrame wall art or hanging basket, there are plenty of fresh finds to easily amp up the snuggle factor whether on your bed, in the living room, or anywhere you’re feeling frosty.

Cushies warm tushies – cosy up your couch with cushions

Tried and tested, cushions can solve virtually any interior decorating dilemma. Pile them up to create a cosy corner on the couch or choose a particular colour palette or repeated fabric to inject a seasonal vibe.


Ramp up the heat with rugs – lush layers underfoot

Nothing is more wintry than freezing feet on a hard floor, so be sure to layer up underfoot with a single roomy rug under the sofa, a runner in the hallway or kitchen or small scale faux fur rugs layered atop area rugs for an extra layer of lush.


Viva velvet – our seasonal plush crush 

With its lush sheen and rich, jewel tones, velvet sofas and armchairs are an on-trend option for adding winter warmth (and additional seating).

Lived-in leather – timeless tan for every season

In fifty shades of tan, from pale and buttery to rich and rustic, a handsome brown leather sofa will see you through winters (and summers for that matter) for many years to come. Just add a fireplace and you’re all set.

Tmber time – warm up with rich tonal timber 

Channel  mid-century mode and use warm walnut and smooth oak tones rather than plastic or metallics to instantly add a cosy vibe to any living space.

Art-ical illusion – bright shades to spice up winter walls 

Swap cool colours for warm shades on wintry white walls and watch the warmth factor rise in a rush.