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Loved how the House Rules crews stamped their signature style on the SA reno

Hands up who spotted our Norse 3-seater sofa in outback tan leather in Kristie and Leigh’s West Beach pad last night? Or our black leather Lexington sofa in the media room?  

The vintage-style Norse sofa sure looked like a swish spot to crash at the end of a massive reno effort to us, with the fab faux fur rug adding a touch of Scandi ‘Hygge’ to a look we’re coveting for the wintry months to come.

Walking away and picking up the tools again would have been tough!

The bold, buttoned-up black leather Lexington sofa cut a fine figure in the West Beach cinema room, and we’re mad for the industrial United Strangers Brooklyn Desk, and we think Leigh and Kristie will be too – after all, it’s part of an exclusive range only available in Australia from Matt Blatt, which makes it just a wee bit fancy…

In case you missed it, here’s the full swag of Matt Blatt style the pairs purchased for the slick suburban Adelaide reno.  Nice taste teams. 

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